The Malta Philatelic Society is a not-for-profit-organisation set up on 7th March 1966 and aims to encourage the study of postage stamps and the educational hobby of stamp collecting.

Being Malta's national society supporting the study and collecting of stamps, a major part of the Society's effort is in fact concentrated upon the education of collectors and the general public.

The Society specifically promotes the specialised study of Malta, its stamps, postal history and related areas. The Society within its own limitations attempts to preserve this part of our heritage, particularly (but not exclusively) by publishing and circulating its own prestigious award-winning Journal, at least twice a year.

This publication is edited by Dr. A. Bonnici KM MD our President.


The sole object of the Society is to encourage the study and collecting of stamps and postal history and to promote this hobby in every conceivable way.

Events and Activities

The Society organises:

Annual Maltex Shows

Guest speakers and illustrated talks

Informal "members' evenings"

Bring & Buy stamp auctions

Visits from other philatelic societies


The Malta Philatelic Society is a Member of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie.

President & Journal Editor:

Chev. Dr. Alfred Bonnici

MD, MA (Melit.), FRPSL, KM, UOM.


Vice President & Ass. Treasurer :

Mr. Joseph Buttigieg

Secretary / Treasurer:

Mr. John Cardona

Ass. Secretary, Web Presence Admin. & P.R.O.:

Mr. John De Battista

Liaison with Malta Study Circle UK:

Mr. Hadrian Wood


Mr. Carmel Bonello


Mr. Anthony Camilleri


Mr. Alfred Caruana Ruggier


Mr. C. Mejlaq


Mr. John Micallef


Mr. Samuel Parnis


Overseas Representatives: UK

Mr. Chris Howe,

Sandringham Gardens,


Boston Lines,

PE21 9QA

United Kingdom.


Dott. Luciano Cruciani,

Viale Telese 35,

Roma 00177,



Mr. Wolfgang Junker,

47, Lagerstrasse,

Hamburg Sarr D-66424,


                                    South Africa

Mr. Enrico N. Bataille,

6, Hamerkop Street,

Cotswold Extn. P. Elizabeth,

South Africa.

                                    United States

Mr. D. Pardo,

9740, 49th Avenue,

N.E. Seattle,

W.A. 98115,

United States of America.

                                    South Australia
                                    (Southern Area)  

Mr. Nick A. Cutajar,
6A Beck Street,
Henley Beach,
S.A. 5022

                                    Australia – NSW                                       (Sydney Area)

Mr. Paul Bondin,
86, Ocean Street,
NSW 2025,

Malta Philatelic Society Committee 2014